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 Post subject: Image Uploads & Attachments (Information)
PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:34 pm 
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Image Uploads & Attachments

There are a couple of different ways to include an image in a post. Please see below.

A) Image Upload Button (Blue)

1) Create a new post
2) Click "Image Upload" in the top right corner of the editor
3) Imagehoster Upload pop-up window appears (It's "tinypic")
4) Click "Browse"
5) Select the image you want from your device
6) Click "Upload Now"
7) Wait a couple of seconds

If it works, the image will appear in the pop-up window. Under the image, it will read "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" and give you the appropriate IMG code. Copy and paste this link into your post and click "Preview" or "Submit." The image should appear in the post-preview or in your submitted post.

If the chosen image doesn't appear and you get an image that size "tinypic / This image or video has been moved or deleted" but you still get an IMG code and copy and paste it into your post, it will NOT appear in either the post-preview or your submitted post. Instead, the "tinypic" image will appear.

I've noticed that JPG or JPEG images tend to upload better than PNG images. So you may want to try changing your PNG images to JPG or JPEG images and try again.


B) Insert Image

1) Click the "Insert Image" icon (it looks like 2 mini-mountains with a red-orange dot)
2) An "Insert Image" pop-up window appears
3) Type or copy and paste the link to a photo in the "Enter a link for the image" field
4) Click "Submit"
5) The link will appear in your post and may or may not appear upon clicking "preview or submit"

This method doesn't seem to work very well except to show full links in the post preview or in the submitted post. Rather than click the "Insert Image" icon, it's probably best just to type or to copy and paste the link in your post and leave it as is (example 1) or to link it to the actual site (examples 2 and 3). Whichever method you choose, just remember to take out the spaces or else none of them will work.

1) h t t p : // www . google . com
2) [ url ] h t t p : // www. google . com [ / url ]
3) [ url = h t t p : // www . google . com ] Google Search Engine [ / url ]


C) Attach File

1) Click the "Attach File" icon (it looks like a paperclip)
2) An "Advanced BBCode box 3:: Upload File Page" pop-up window appears
3) Click Browse
4) Select the image you want from your device
5) Click the blue "Add the file" button
6) Click "Submit" or "copy and paste" the link into your post
7) Click "Preview" or "Submit"

The image should appear in the post preview or submitted post. I've tried it with a couple of different images, all different sizes, PNG and JPG / JPEG and it seems to work pretty well.

The maximum file size is: 20971520 Bytes (I don't know if they mean KB, MB, or what), but ...

Available extensions are: gif, png, jpeg, jpg, tif, tiff, tga, gtar, gz, tar, zip, rar, ace, torrent, tgz, bz2, 7z


As for uploading images to a photo album... that's where I ran into trouble. According to the site/image configuration page:

"Maximum File Size: Maximum size of each file. If this value is 0, the uploadable file size is only limited by your PHP configuration. -- 20 MiB"

"Maximum File Size (Messaging): Maximum size of each file, with 0 being unlimited, attached to a private message. -- 20 MiB"

Except when I set the values to "zero," I got a message that said the values couldn't be set to zero. I proceeded to play with the values and set them anywhere from 100 to 20000 and the site kept changing the acceptable / uploadable file size anywhere from 6.84 KiB to 27 KiB to 38 KiB. 38 KiB was the highest it would go. After playing around with the values for a while, I finally happened across a blurb that read something like, because this is a free site, members are only allowed to upload images up to a certain size. I then noticed the "maximum file size" had been automatically re-set to "20 MiB." Uhhhg!

If you want to create a user photo album and upload some pictures, you're more than welcome to do so. I've noticed that JPG and JPEG images are more likely to upload successfully than PNG files and that GIF files don't like to upload at all (at least from my mobile). However, I have no control over which photos the site will and will not allow you to upload to a photo album. I'm neither tech savvy nor mathematically inclined, so you'll just have to try your luck and hope for the best. Sorry everyone. :(

- Admin 8-)


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